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Tim Goodsell

I have been to Arctic Watch 4 times and am returning this summer for my 5th visit. If you are a lover of the wilderness, a fan of the North, or just generally curious about the more extreme portions of our planet, Arctic Watch should be number one on your "must visit" list.

there are many ways to see the Arctic but none so unique as Arctic Watch. You don't need to be an athlete or even particularly fit and yet Youspend the day experiencing wilderness at the most intimate level. Then pass your evenings sipping a cocktail, having a delcious dinner and sleeping warmly and comfortably under a down covering. The early Arctic explorers could not have imagined it. 

For wildlife afficianados there is no better way to get up close and personal with Beluga whales, musk oxen snowy owls and even the occasional polar bear. Photographers can have a field day. Gull Canyon alone is worth the trip.

the Weber family and their staff work tirelessly to ensure that their guests are safe, comfortable and having more fun than you'd think possible in such a remote location. There are few travel opportunities that offer a better travel dollar value proposition and I heartily recommend it to any serious traveler.

Martine Dubuc

This was one of the best experiences of my life.

Canada's high arctic defies words. It is raw, primal and beautiful.

Arctic Watch ensured that their guests have a phenomenal time up there. The beds were super comfy, the food amazing, the daily outings and adventures varied widely and thoroughly engrossing. The Arctic Watch hosts and team are gracious and friendly. I would not hesitate to highly recommend this outpost to anyone wanting a unique and very special experience.

Crystal Roch

Hello Richard, Josée, Tessum, Nansen and the rest of the team!

We had such an amazing time up at your lodge. What a truly unique experience. We will not soon forget the absolutely amazing hospitality, great food, and of course the stunning beauty of the area in which you are located. You are all amazingly gracious hosts. The service level was truly exceptional. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us this great opportunity and keeping things open for us well into the cold season so that we could all get a taste of that part of the world.

Thanks again... You have a wonderful family and team.

Kind regards,

Crystal Roch

John Read

Vicki and I want to thank you for the tremendous time we had at Arctic Watch.  It was the experience of a lifetime to visit Cunningham Inlet and your amazing creation. I was particularly glad that I had the opportunity to overnight in Resolute Bay with Ozzie. That gave me a greater appreciation of Arctic Watch and what you put together every day against amazing odds.  We will treasure forever the memories of Beluga Whales, muskox, arctic foxes and arctic hares- even the one lemming I saw! Jeff’s meals were amazing, especially the Sushi he was able to squeeze out of Tessum’s Arctic char catch!! In a word we had a great time! We are proud to have spent time with the Weber/Auclair group who made the trip so special.

John & Vicki

Liz Ruddick

I have been struggling to find the right words and now realize that all the superlatives – amazing time, once in a lifetime trip, awesome, etc. don’t do justice to the Arctic Watch experience.  For me, I think  “magical” comes close.  It was such a relaxing time, even though you kept us busy, and when it got challenging (which it was a few times) I always felt rewarded at the end. Those seem to be the elements I am always looking for in one of my “big trips”.  

And when we headed off to do something that I didn’t think I could do, I always felt safe and was confident that I probably could – for example - get up to that ridge on Gifford Point (and back down) and then felt great about my accomplishment.

It was a privilege to share your knowledge and your obvious sense of stewardship. And it was fun to go exploring, to find out what was up that canyon.

I can’t say enough about your team. They are very experienced guides, eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm, and couldn’t seem to do enough to make sure I had everything I needed. Always with a smile and often a wry sense of humour and a lot of patience!

My decision to stay for two weeks was absolutely the right thing to do.  I would have happily repeated the menu and activities of week one during week two. But how nice to have our own itinerary as often as possible and for me to have such first rate ATV drivers, so all I had to do was climb on the back and hold on!! smile

As for the food, it was everything and more than what is shown on your website. No-one believes me until I show my photos – top quality ingredients and excellent chefs - you can't beat that combination. Those not-too-sweet desserts, night after night, to say nothing of the sushi, the cookies, the nut loaves, the cheeses… And a special thank you for being so helpful with my peanut allergy. It was all handled so well and discretely, that I never worried.

It was a real privilege to share Arctic Watch with you. My experience only confirms, again, that the Arctic is tied at the top of my list with Nepal, as my favourite place in the world to travel.

Liz Ruddick


John, Patricia, Gordon and William Gouinlock

Yet again, we are truely impressed with the quality of guides, cooks and of course hosts. A few long walks, cannot do justice to the beauty available in the high arctic. Drifting carelessly in a kayak with sunny skies and a breathless wind observing the whales and seals offered an early glimpse of what heaven may be like. A sincere thank you for another wonderful life experience!

John, Patricia, Gordon and William Gouinlock

Sue, Graig, Erin and Kenny Taylor

You have provided as awesome experience for us. What an amazing staff to have in an amazing and beautiful place. Words cannot truly express what a most wonderful time we have had. In two weeks we saw the arctic seasons, the animals and birds and the whales. Thanks again for showing your arctic home and gracious hospitality with us. It is absolutely beautiful and incredible here.

Sue, Graig, Erin and Kenny Taylor, California

Margaret and Larry Dickenson

Wonderful! Every day was better than the day before. The food was delicious and bountiful. The guides were knowledgeable and generous with their time, patience and good humour. We learnt so much and have a new appreciation of our North and the challenges which face those who live (and have lived) here. Josée , Richard and sons, you have made a huge effort to ensure our comfort, warmth and enjoyment. Many thanks.

Margaret and Larry Dickenson, Ottawa, Ontario

Tom Biddy

Of all the traveling I have done, three trips stand out: trekking in the Himalaya mountains for Nepal, safari in Kenya and my visit to Arctic Watch.

Tom Biddy, Burlington, Ontario, Canada

John Pape and Lou Wood

We had the best time with you this week! This is, without a doubt, the best vacation we’ve ever had. We will never forget you or this beautiful land. Thanks for everything.

John Pape and Lou Wood, Newmarket, Ontario

John and Jane Whittle

We searched for “Arctic foxes” on the Internet, found you; then came and saw them! Truly impress by the display you laid on. We had a marvellous time!

John and Jane Whittle, Chipperfield, England

Hugh, Mary, Graydon and Evelyn Campbell

Second time here and we still do not want to leave. Super spot, great guides, excellent food and the Weber family are the best folks around. Thanks for everything, see you again, yes we will be back!

Hugh, Mary, Graydon and Evelyn Campbell, Ontario

Doc White

Thanks for allowing Ceci and I to become part of the family. We loved our time with you, Thanks for all the help and support. We look forward to working together again soon.

Doc White, Ocean Magic Photography, USA

Katrin and Urs Second Visit

Second time here and it’s still a wonderful place to be. Thank you so much … we will always remember the sound of broken ice and the colors of the water.

Katrin and Urs, Switzerland

Sue Fortescue

This was a wonderful trip. I will always remember the whales and their songs as long as I live. And the Arctic fox cubs running towards us with no fear, just checking us out.

Sue Fortescue, Belgium

Katrin and Urs

It was such a great experience to stay here, to explore a little bit of the high arctic with you. We liked it so much. You have here a wonderful place and we wish you all the best for it. Thank you so much.

Katrin and Urs, Switzerland

Jurs and Anneke

This is a very special place, even without the animals around. The hiking, ATV rides, Kayaking, it all makes you feel that you are part of the Arctic and of the Weber family at large. We will never forget this trip and the land of the midnight sun.

Jurs and Anneke, Netherlands

Tom and Pat Klein

An experience of a lifetime. This is a magical place, both the landscape and the lodge. Congrats on creating such a warm and responsive enviroment in the middle of Arctic vastness.

Tom and Pat Klein, Montana

Chrimes Family

...we have all had the best holiday ever and are already dreaming ways to return. We have the “Arctic Bug”. We are immensely impressed with your set-up at Arctic Watch. You are so professional but so friendly. We feel very honoured to have shared “your world” with you and will not forget any part …

Chrimes Family, United Kingdom

Pierre, Jason, Tyler Langevin

We have tried to do everything to extend our stay to a maximum and to enjoy it at the highest possible level but we will just have to come back for another episode.

Pierre, Jason, Tyler Langevin, Tremblant, Quebec

Ian and James Grant

Wonderful journeys, great sights, food out of this world and the best people. We’ll see you again.

Ian and James Grant, London, England

Margaret Kelch

The Arctic is a remarkable place! Thank you so much for the introduction to it. The food was fabulous, staff is very helpful. Your efforts are tremendous … I was so toasty in bed.

Kondra Family

Thank you for a wonderful family adventure. The trip of a lifetime.

Kondra Family,
Stoney Creek, Ontario

Debbie, Sheena and Bill Kennedy

We can’t thank you enough for the extraordinary time we spent at Arctic Watch in July. It was a great week for so many reasons, not the least of which was your kindness, good humour and effort. The entire Arctic Watch “team” are to be congratulated on their effort and attitude! We are fortunate to have shared this time with you. It was sad to leave.

Debbie, Sheena and Bill Kennedy,

Bill Lende

The Weber Family spares no effort to ensure their guests’ safety, comfort and learning experience at their handsome lodge. The meals are gourmet and the staff wel l-educated and attentive. The whale sightings are unbelievable. We saw 500 mothers and calves close in…

Bill Lende,

R. Bassett, Alyson Grunder, Corey and Liam

Thank you for much an incredible eye-opening, life-expanding experience! We’ve seen and done things we couldn’t have imagined before—the canyons, the deep blue water and ice, belugas and so on as so many have written. It’s an adventure we and our children will always remember. We’ve been amazed by the delicious food, incredible planning, imagination and vison you’ve had to see this place and realize the potential in it. We know this trip will inspire us to more adventures in the future. You’ve made such a warm welcoming home here in the Arctic!

R. Bassett, Alyson Grunder, Corey and Liam

Tony Hely and Wendy Jeffery

Thank you so much for your special welcome. We had a marvellous time. Your staff are truly outstanding, professional and expert and very caring and helpful to guests; the comfort levels were amazing, from comfy cabins to the delicious food; and the variety of the scenery and activities were a revelation. All in all we had a truly memorable experience in the very special landscape of the Canadian North; and we were touched by the warmth of your welcome. We can’t thank you enough. We certainly hope to return.

Tony Hely and Wendy Jeffery

Paula Erdle

My thoughts are continually drawn back to Arctic Watch — to the fresh air, the whale songs, the delicious foods, and the delightful camaraderie of staff and guests! I especially enjoyed the silence — no traffic noises, no beeping or ringing or honking, no planes overhead, no TV or radio, no sounds of industry or construction — just the wind, waves, and whales. The silence was a complete surprise to me. I hadn’t really given it a thought beforehand, but it was incredible and welcome.

The race (not that I was actually racing in the sense of moving along quickly) was spectacular! I stopped worrying about polar bears fairly early on because there was so much beauty to contemplate. Who’d have thought that dirt and rocks and hills and floating ice chunks would be totally captivating?! And I had been very concerned about crossing ice-cold streams and having to run many more km’s with wet feet (having been mildly frostbitten many years ago). As many streams as we crossed (it was about 75, right?), I never noticed whether my feet were wet or cold or unhappy. I was too busy looking around me and marveling at how many colors there are in dirt and rocks. (Oh yeah, and I was also trying to find the next orange flag…)

I cannot thank you enough — all of you! — for providing me with a unique and wonderful experience. You are excellent hosts/guides/companions, and Arctic Watch itself is just perfect! (And did I mention that I’ve been unable to make anyone believe that the “kitchen gang” could turn out food that was delicious beyond description!)

Now I understand the comment of one of your guests who was flying out of Arctic Watch as we were flying in. He said it was a “magical place”. He was spot on! And although I had thought this would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for me, I’m not so sure I won’t be back. I have no idea how or when, but I know that I want to return. 

Paula Erdle
Salt Lake City, UT

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