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The summer of 2015 marks the 16th season of Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge at Cunningham Inlet on Somerset Island, Nunavut. Canada’s twelfth biggest island, Somerset Island has no permanent residents on its 24786 square kilometers (9570 miles sq).

A world class beluga whale observation site, Somerset Island is of particular interest to naturalists and photographers. As many as two thousand animals come to the inlet to nurse their young and molt their skin in the relatively warm water of the Cunningham River. While also home to many muskox and polar bears, the terrain offers easy passage to both hikers and sea kayakers.

Located 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle and 50 miles from the nearest town, Arctic Watch is a permanent wilderness resort that offers hotel-like accommodations in a remote Arctic setting. Our guests experience the beauty and wonder of this fabulous place, while enjoying the comforts of home and delicious meals.

Richard Weber and Josée Auclair have owned Arctic Watch since 2000. The pair have been trekking in the Arctic since 1985. Richard is the most travelled North Pole explorer on the planet.

Arctic Watch Lodge is accessed from Yellowknife by private charter aircraft and a 1,500 km (900 mile) flight. While the lodge is located just one kilometre from the beluga whales’ favourite summer hangout, a visit to Arctic Watch is much more than just about whales. It is an all-encompassing Arctic safari. Visitors see muskox, polar bears, arctic foxes, birds and archeological sites. They travel across land and water by foot, sea kayak, raft, mountain bike and ATV (all-terrain vehicle). Guests can climb mountains, fish lakes, and hike through canyons, across tundra and around waterfalls. The vistas are immense and, since the lodge only accepts guests in the summer, it’s daylight 24 hours a day. Learn more about Arctic Watch History.

The accommodations at Arctic Watch are the most comfortable remote facilities in the High Arctic with private cabins and even Internet communications. The staff are passionate, professional, expert and very caring. And the food is incredible, including local foods such as muskox and Arctic char. Every day starts with fresh hot muffins and ends with a hot shower and a glass of wine!

Visit our photo gallery to view images of the lodge, the surrounding area and the wildlife, or view these links.

Arctic Watch is about the adventure and our team makes that possible! Meet some of the team that will be guiding your adventure.

Quark Polar Expeditions is joining the Arctic Watch family in 2015: A leader in polar travel for over 20 years, the Quark Polar Expeditions is partnering with Arctic Watch. They're a team that shares an equally profound passion for the Arctic and we're happy to welcome them aboard to the Arctic Watch Experience. We strive to create the experience of a lifetime for our guests, and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

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Quark Expeditions presents Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

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  • BBC Earth talks Cunningham Inlet Research

    We launched a partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium to bring long-term research back to Cunningham Inlet. The nearly two thousand strong beluga whale population that visits Cunningham Inlet every summer is one of the largest concentrations of belugas left on earth - BBC explains.

  • Polar Wildlife Photography Tips from Nansen

    Nansen Weber has had access to the Arctic as his photography playground his entire life. Spending most summers in his youth exploring Baffin Island with his family and Inuit friends, he grew up with the spectacle of the Canadian Arctic as his muse.

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See our photography galleries for examples of photos that our guests and staff have taken over the years.

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The Arctic Watch ExperienceBeluga Whales at Arctic Watch Wilderness LodgeArctic Hare stretches on the rocks at Arctic Watch

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