Richard Weber

Richard’s expedition highlights

Richard made his first Arctic expedition in 1985 and his first North Pole journey in 1986. In 2010, he completed his seventh journey to the North Pole, starting from land. He has made more successful treks to the Pole than anyone in history:

  • First North Pole trek without resupplies; 1986 Steger international polar expedition;
  • First surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean from Russia to Canada;
  • 1988 Polar Bridge Expedition;
  • First commercial North Pole Trek; 1993 North Pole Dash, last degree;
  • First and only journey to the North Pole and back with no outside assistance;
  • 1995 Weber-Malakhov Expedition;
  • First snowshoe trek to the North Pole; first guided unsupported North Pole trek;
  • North Pole classic 2006, unsupported
  • 2009 Guinness World speed record to the South Pole
  • 2010 Guinness World speed record to the North Pole

In all, Richard has participated in more than 60 Arctic, North and South Pole expeditions.

Tourism experience

Richard and Josée started working in the field of Arctic tourism with the world’s first commercial North Pole trek in 1993, and hiking and kayaking trips on Baffin Island. In 2000, they opened Arctic Watch, Canada’s most northerly lodge on Somerset Island in Nunavut. Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is Nunavut’s largest and most unique tourism operation.

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We are passionate about the polar regions of the world; the arctic, the North Pole and the South Pole. We plan unique treks to the Canadian High Arcticin places such as Ellesmere Island, Alex Heiberg Island and Baffin Island. We have trekked more often and more successfully to the North Pole than anyone in history. Find out more about at Weberarctic.


If you are planning an arctic trip, you should meet the WeberArctic team. They offer tips on polar travel philosophy, history and geography, climate implications for modern explorers, logistics and navigation, daily routines, travel techniques, clothing, equipment and more.


Developed and tested on hundreds of successful arctic expeditions, Richard Weber products have been developed for superior comfort and performance in extreme weather conditions.

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