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Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is proud to collaborate with numerous great organizations. From the premier beef producers in North America to the top outdoor brands and notable not-for profit organizations, we are proud to introduce the following groups:

Canadian Signature Experience

Canadian Signature Experience

The Canadian Signature Experiences Collection distinguishes the top tourism experiences in Canada. Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is proud to be recognized as part of the collection and one of Canada's premier experiences.

We actively work with travel industry partners, and welcome all travel trade and media inquiries. 

Nunavut Tourism

Nunavut Tourism

Nearly 25 years experience in the Nunavut Tourism Industry and 13 years at Arctic Watch, the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Team is proud to work with and support the growth of the booming tourism industry in Nunavut. Tessum Weber, Arctic Watch's operational manager, sits on the board of directors of Nunavut Tourism, working hand-in-hand with the not-for-profit organization on a volunteer basis.

Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions

Quark is joining the Arctic Watch family in 2015 as our partner in delivering the Arctic Watch Experience to guests from across the globe. 

For over 20 years, Quark Expeditions® has been the leading provider of polar adventure travel. With its diverse fleet of specially equipped vessels and seasoned expedition leaders, they offer travelers unparalleled access to the most remote regions on earth: the Arctic and Antarctica. In 2013, Quark Expeditions® was voted “World’s Leading Polar Expedition Operator” by the World Travel Awards, received the “Blow the Budget” award from the Amadeus & World Travel Mart Travel Experience Awards and was named one of National Geographic Traveler’s 50 Tours of a Lifetime for their “Three Arctic Islands” voyage.

We're proud to call them family members.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor

Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge strives to deliver the experience of a lifetime. We actively work to improve the Arctic Watch experience through suggestions and reviews from our guests. See what guests are saying about the Arctic Watch experience on Trip Advisor:

Heritage Angus Beef

Heritage Angus Beef

Regard as one of the best quality Angus beef producers worldwide, Heritage Angus supplies Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge with the finest product available.

"At Heritage Angus Beef, how we work is how we live ‚ close to the land, in harmony with nature, connected to the highest quality standards possible". We are a group of western Canadian ranching families who are committed to working together to produce quality beef that is ecologically and economically viable. Our values reflect our agricultural heritage - honesty and integrity, trust and respect. Most important, our business is built on a healthy respect for relationships in everything we do. We believe the way plants, animals and people relate in a healthy, sustainable environment is crucial to the health and wellness of the world we all share. Heritage Angus Beef sets the highest of standards by paying close attention to animal welfare, food safety, traceability, environmental stewardship and rural Canadian values. We produce real Angus beef, the old fashioned way, the natural way, the Canadian way. Simply stated, Heritage Angus Beef is natural beef at its very finest, just as nature intended."



We continually test equipment, always looking for the best products available on the market. The team at Arctic Watch continually requires equipment that is durable, high quality and can always be relied on, while out on the tundra. That's why we choose to use Arc'teryx. Simply the best.



We're always testing equipment, in search of the best available gear on the market. We're proud to partner with Suunto to have the best wrist-watches for our guides: watches that provide up-to-date information while we're out on the tundra, and allow us to make better decisions.

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I have been to Arctic Watch 4 times and am returning this summer for my 5th visit. If you are a lover of the wilderness, a fan of the North, or just generally curious about the more extreme portions of our planet, Arctic Watch should be number one on your "must visit" list.

there are many ways to see the Arctic but none so unique as Arctic Watch. You don't need to be an athlete or even particularly fit and yet Youspend the day experiencing wilderness at the most intimate level. Then pass your evenings sipping a cocktail, having a delcious dinner and sleeping warmly and comfortably under a down covering. The early Arctic explorers could not have imagined it. 

For wildlife afficianados there is no better way to get up close and personal with Beluga whales, musk oxen snowy owls and even the occasional polar bear. Photographers can have a field day. Gull Canyon alone is worth the trip.

the Weber family and their staff work tirelessly to ensure that their guests are safe, comfortable and having more fun than you'd think possible in such a remote location. There are few travel opportunities that offer a better travel dollar value proposition and I heartily recommend it to any serious traveler.

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Quark Expeditions presents Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

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  • BBC Earth talks Cunningham Inlet Research

    We launched a partnership with the Vancouver Aquarium to bring long-term research back to Cunningham Inlet. The nearly two thousand strong beluga whale population that visits Cunningham Inlet every summer is one of the largest concentrations of belugas left on earth - BBC explains.

  • Polar Wildlife Photography Tips from Nansen

    Nansen Weber has had access to the Arctic as his photography playground his entire life. Spending most summers in his youth exploring Baffin Island with his family and Inuit friends, he grew up with the spectacle of the Canadian Arctic as his muse.

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See our photography galleries for examples of photos that our guests and staff have taken over the years.

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  • Kayaking at Arctic Watch
  • Gull Canyon at Arctic Watch
  • Tundra landscapes during the spring at Arctic Watch
  • Cheese course
  • Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge
  • Northwest Passage Marathon Arctic Watch

Visit our Youtube channel to see and experience Arctic Watch through the eyes of a guest.

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The Arctic Watch ExperienceBeluga Whales at Arctic Watch Wilderness LodgeArctic Hare stretches on the rocks at Arctic Watch

We are passionate about the polar regions of the world; the arctic, the North Pole and the South Pole. We plan unique treks to the Canadian High Arcticin places such as Ellesmere Island, Alex Heiberg Island and Baffin Island. We have trekked more often and more successfully to the North Pole than anyone in history. Find out more about at Weberarctic.


If you are planning an arctic trip, you should meet the WeberArctic team. They offer tips on polar travel philosophy, history and geography, climate implications for modern explorers, logistics and navigation, daily routines, travel techniques, clothing, equipment and more.


Developed and tested on hundreds of successful arctic expeditions, Richard Weber products have been developed for superior comfort and performance in extreme weather conditions.

Find out more about Weber Arctic gear.

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