Arctic Watch


Arctic Watch is a Nunavut resort, located 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle. Situated on the shores of the Northwest Passage, Arctic Watch is a world-class beluga whale observation site that offers access to hiking, kayaking, Arctic safaris with muskox, polar bears, belugas and more.

Just north of magical - learn more about adventure at Arctic Watch. 



Three Generations of Polar Exploration

Arctic Watch team

A family of polar explorers. Richard, Josée, Tessum and Nansen have spent the past 25 years exploring the polar regions. Having lead some of the first polar expeditions to successfuly reach the North Pole, set speed records at both poles, recipient of the Order of Canada, renowned Arctic Wildlife photographer and worldclass polar guides, the Weber family knows Arctic. They've skied, kayaked, hiked and explored across Canada's far north.

As founders of Arctic Watch, Richard, Josee, Tessum and Nansen host guests from across the globe to the internationally recognized destination called Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge. Meet the team at Arctic Watch.

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