15 December 2017
Arctic Adventure - Arctic Photography

Favorite Photos From 2017

A season at Arctic Watch yields thousands of images and video. Guests, staff and even pilots will share images with us every year. We love receiving your shots! Here are a few of our favorites!

Hiking the tundra under the midnight sun - a curious bull muskoxen approaches the photographer!

Smiles after a week of adventure on the tundra! PS - Aren't those Quark Jackets colourful or what? 

It may not have been the sunniest of days, yet this beluga was out to have some fun! The gentle giant was rubbing on the riverstones of the Cunningham River; a practice learnt by this beluga population to rid themselves of sea lice and cleanse their skin. A spa! 

A beautiful day in early July, fat biking on the sea ice of the Northwest Passage. As the winter ice retreats, the floe edge is home to bears, belugas, birdlife and event he occasional narwhal!

Soaking up the views ot the Northwest Passage - Arctic Watch is situated on Somerset island. A 25,000 square kilometer (completely uninhabited) island that is pure Arctic. An environment that has changed in micro-amounts over the past 500 years. 

In early July, as we bike and explore the floe edge of the Northwest Passage, the belugas begin to arrive. They are eager to enter the safety of Cunningham Inlet. An environment that is used by mothers to calve, socialize and teach their young. 

A young Arctic hare carefully emerges from the safety of a rocky hillside on Somerset Island. 

Belugas will often swim towards kayaks to investigate their presence. These curious mammals feel safe in the deeper waters of the Northwest Passage. A great place to observe them! 

No day on the tundra is complete without amazing food from the kitchen team at Arctic Watch. A beautiful Eton Mess (absolutely delicious with an espresso!) complete with Arctic draba garnish. 

Bike or hike the inland tundra of Somerset Island; a world home to muskoxen, Arctic foxes, snowy owls and the occasional roaming polar bear!

Last but not least, a spectacular view. This photo was taken nearly ten years ago - little has changed in the landscape of Somerset!