2 November 2017
Press releases

Arctic Watch raises $32,000 for Art Centre

Kenojuak "Into the light 1999"

Nestled along the south western tip of Baffin Island, Cape Dorset has long been acclaimed as creators of some of the finest Inuit art on earth. Among art collectors, the community of Cape Dorset and the renowned printmakers and artists of Kinngait Studios are revered for the quality and originality of their limited edition prints.

The Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop aims to protect Cape Dorset’s unique history and artistic traditions by connecting people with their rich heritage and ensuring knowledge is transferred to future generations. The new facility will provide a modern print shop, a community hub, gathering spaces as well as exhibition and visitor spaces.

On October 23rd, The Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop Campaign held a fundraising event in support of the project. The Weber Family and our partner Quark Expeditions donated two, week-long adventures at Arctic Watch. Richard, Josee and Tessum attended the event in Toronto among many of Canada’s business elite. We are thrilled that the two spots at Arctic Watch raised $32,000 for the construction of this centre. Among the Weber family, we have spent countless days on Baffin Island and neighbouring islands in Canada’s High Arctic and have developed a strong appreciation for the people who continue to live on this land. We are proud to support the artists that depict life in the Arctic and the unique culture and traditions of its people. 

The Kenojuak Cultural Centre and Print Shop is expected to open by summer 2018.