2 June 2017
Arctic Travel

Enjoying Yellowknife to its Fullest

Yellowknife is the capital of Northwest Territories and has been a hub of activity since well before the fur trade and the influx of southerners. It boasts a rich cultural history, beautiful surroundings and a vibrant and active city scene.  There is something for everyone in Yellowknife!  

Many guests plan to spend a few days in Yellowknife before or after their Arctic Watch experience and we encourage you to make the most of your time there.  

In this blog you will find our favourite sites and activities to check out (even if you have only 24 hours) before or after your journey to Arctic Watch.  First, we recommend you visit the Northern Frontier Visitor Centre before exploring the city as they will be able to provide you with maps, information and up-to-date events that will be happening while you are in town.

Our Top 5 Activities in Yellowknife:

1. Take a stroll down to Old Town - the vibrant neighbourhood which was once the centre of commerce in the 1930s.  Shops, restaurants, cafes, accommodation and a great lookout of Great Slave Lake from the Pilot’s Monument 

2. Grab a pint at NWT Brewing Company - a rustic setting with awesome locally crafted beers and great food

3. Enjoy a bite to eat at Old Town’s Wild Cat Cafe - originally opened in 1937 during the mining boom this restaurant is an institution in Yellowknife.  Or try Bullocks Bistro - situated in a historical landmark and serving up delicious fresh fish from Great Slave Lake.

4. Visit the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre - the heritage centre is the NWT’s museum and archives but they also present a series of hands-on events and workshops throughout the summer, reflecting the rich culture, people, traditional stories and knowledge of the region.

5. Go for a walk or jog around Frame Lake or check out one of the many trails in and near the city.

These are just five of our favourite attractions. Remember that the northern lights can be seen from Yellowknife on a clear night, even in the summer time! To learn more about the aurora borealis and when and where to spot them, check out Yellowknife’s tourism website.

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of your time in Yellowknife!  See you soon on Somerset Island.