2 November 2017
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Katie visits Arctic Watch: “Remember to look down”

For those who have been to Arctic Watch and those who have not, Katie Palmer’s recent blog is sure to have you daydreaming. Katie, the Editorial Manager for Beyond Luxury Media and PURE Journal, joined us at Arctic Watch this past August. From the vast uninhabited expanse that brings city life into perspective to the subtleties in Arctic terrain, Katie’s words eloquently encapsulate what the Arctic Watch experience is all about - The Arctic Beyond. 

PURE Life Experiences is the premier event for adventure travel. In early September, PURE brings together hand-selected travel destinations from around the world for a week long tradeshow in Marrakech to celebrate high-end adventure travel. As the northernmost lodge on earth, Arctic Watch is humbled to be apart of this community. Katie’s boundless enthusiasm and curiosity made her a pleasure to host. We are thrilled to have had Katie join us at Arctic Watch and have her share her experiences with the PURE community. 

Check out her story here

Many thanks to our friends at Quark Expeditions for the support.