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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get special vaccinations?

No, no special vaccinations are required.

Where can I get a map?

A topographical map of Cunningham Inlet is part of the “Resolute Bay” map, scale of 1:250,000, number 58F. Maps are available from the

On what kind of plane will I fly?

The charter plane from Yellowknife to Arctic Watch is either a Dash-8, a 38-passenger turbo-prop aircraft, or a Dornier 228, a 19-passenger turbo-prop aircraft or ATR 72

Do I really need rubber boots?

Yes you do. A good set of rubber boots, particularly a pair that you can wear for walking is the single most useful piece of gear. Rubber boots are the best footwear for the ATVs. When hiking or walking there are often small streams and wet areas to cross. We recommend Muck Boots. As part of your experience with us at Arctic Watch, our friends from Quark Expeditions loan you a pair of Muck Boots, upon your arrival in Yellowknife, (model: Wetland) for the duration of your visit. 

Do I need long underwear?

Yes, the temperature can vary from a high of +20C (70F) to freezing. Normal temperatures are +8C to +12C. This is cool and a layer of synthetic (no cotton, silk please) underwear is the best first layer next to your skin. 

Does it snow during the summer?

In the High Arctic it can snow at any time of the year. If it does snow in the summer, it usually melts within a day. As a general rule of thumb, we always recommend preparing for 0C to +20C (70F).

Is there running water/electricity in my cabin?

Each cabin has electricity, running water and washroom. Marine toilets (they look very similar to a normal toilet) are used to minimize our impact on the fragile Arctic ecosystem. Private showers are located in the main lodge.

Am I likely to see a polar bear?

Polar bears are very unpredictable animals. Some years we see several bear(s) per week, sometimes less. If you really want to see a polar bear, there are areas we can go where the chances of seeing a bear are greater.

What is the average temperature during the day and night?

The average daytime temperature is +10C to +13C. At night the sun is still up, but it is lower on the horizon and the temperature is about 5 degrees colder. Please remember that this is the high arctic; prepare for 0C to +20C.

Are there mosquitoes or other bugs?

Warming polar climates seem to be changing insect patterns - for nearly 15 years, we never had biting insects. Over the past several seasons, we have begun to notice approximately 5 days per year with a few insects. Perhaps a sign of climate change?

Are single rooms available?

At Arctic Watch we have 16 cabins for guests. We keep the number of guests to a maximum of twenty-six per week, so normally we accommodate everyone in a single cabin if they wish.

Do I need to bring gear for sea kayaking?

No, all the gear you will need to go sea kayaking is at Arctic Watch, including dry suits, paddles and PFDs.

Do I need experience to sea kayak?

No, our guides are there to ensure safety at all times. We offer double and single kayaks to guests. If you have no experience, we will put you with a guide or someone with experience. We maintain an extremely high standard of safety for all guests - regardless of their ability level.

Is there alcohol at Arctic Watch?

Alcohol is avalable for purchase at the lodge. If you wish to bring any alcoholic drinks of your own, please do so, it’s your holiday. We do ask that you respect the other guests. Our wine list includes some of the finest wines in Canada.

I require a special diet. Can you accomodate it?

All the food at Arctic Watch is flown 1500 km from Yellowknife. Although the nearest grocery is that far away, we can provide vegetarian meals if requested. For those with special diets, such as “gluten free,” we will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable during your visit. Please be sure to let us know of your requirements well in advance.

Embracing the unexpected is part of the legacy – and excitement – of an experience at Arctic Watch. There are no guarantees that we can achieve everything we set out to accomplish. A measure of flexibility is something all of us must bring to an Arctic experience.

Careers at Arctic Watch

Join the Team

Arctic Watch hires fit, enthusiastic people to work in and around the lodge. Being a guide in the Arctic requires special skills. The terrain, the climate and the wildlife are very different. We train our own guides because this is a very specialized area and this is an environment that doesn’t allow for any mistakes.

Other potential positions include :

  • Chef, Sous-chef
  • Guides
  • Massage therapist
  • Wildlife specialist
  • Mechanic

Submit your resume as to or contact us at 1(819)923-0932. Applicants, please take a moment to review our wildlife and locational policies.

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Weber Arctic & Arctic Haven

Premier Arctic Guides & Sister Lodge

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Arctic Haven Wilderness Lodge is our sister lodge. Arctic Haven Lodge is a Nunavut 5-star resort, located on Ennadai Lake, 700 km east of Yellowknife and 150 km north of the Manitoba-Nunavut border. Arctic Haven, positioned on the tree line in the Canadian Arctic Barrens. This area is home to the 350,000 strong Qamanirjuaq caribou herd. Arctic Haven offers access to hiking, kayaking, boating, world class fishing, cross country skiing, kite-skiing, dog sledding, snow mobiling, Arctic safaris with northern lights, arctic wolves, caribou, grizzly bears, wolverine and more. You don’t have to be an experienced explorer to go on this Arctic adventure – Find out for yourself at

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We are passionate about the polar regions of the world; the arctic, the North Pole and the South Pole. We plan unique treks to the Canadian High Arcticin places such as Ellesmere Island, Alex Heiberg Island and Baffin Island. We have trekked more often and more successfully to the North Pole than anyone in history. Many of Arctic Watch's guides are Weber Arctic polar guides.

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